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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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with people for the 96th annual 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade and what a party it was. what better way to mark this thanksgiving than sharing a hot meal and good company and a smile with loved ones and those that need a helping hand on this holiday season. and when the eating is done, many folks work off the holiday calories by hitting the stores many of which opened today ahead of the black friday frenzy, it would not be thanksgiving in the delaware valley without the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade and you couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. the celebration got off to a rousing start, banners flying and the crowd excited, this is the 96th year of this tradition, the old eflt thanksgiving day parade in the nation. and mayor nutter arrived in grand style for his final parade as mayor. >> are you feeling --
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>> and soccer star carly lloyd, she is still riding the success of her stunning performance at the world cup. the fantastic tap dancers danced to bruno mars up town funk. and take a look at upper darby shooting stars all decked out in red, green and holiday sparkle with a wonderful song and dance routine and the longest float happened to be carrying members of the "action news" family and the bough scouts are always a part of the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade these young men armed with shopping carts collected canned goods
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from parade goers, and it will be donated to philabundance and an appearance by santa and mrs. claus ushered in the season. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> the best right. the thanksgiving parade is not just a tradition for us it's also a must see for thousands of fans across the region every year. katherine scott has more from along the parkway. >> this is a good start to thanksgiving day for sure. >> the balloons, the floats and the marching bands from across the country. ♪ ♪ another thanksgiving and another packed ben franklin parkway, whether coming here is part of family history or the first time the performances, the colors, they all make for a spectacular holiday. i used to come here with my
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grandma, a thanksgiving day tradition and we get the pretzels and stuff. >> i love coming i love the floats and brands and everything else, it's really great. >> the sun shown over the parade route, you would have thought it was early spring but even a scowl from the grinch did not overshadow this day. but this was the finished product -- before the sun came up the balloons were taking shape at inflation station, it takes about an hour and a half to inflate each one, the gang was blown up and the handlers were ready to go. >> it's a warm feeling out here it's fun, we love the little kids yelling spin, spin, spin. >> and they certainly put on a show, there is something about being in philadelphia on thanksgiving day. >> every year is different and it's free you come down no matter what, i have been to
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germany and paris and all around the world with the military but philadelphia is my home, i feel the love from philly. >> i ask people what their favorite part of the parade was. the top choices were santa and the grinch but for many people their favorite part was seeing the sights and sounds and being here with the people they love. >> and dozens of people hit pause this morning for prayer -- ♪ ♪ >> these parishioners left their kitchens and dinners to worship at the presbyterian church in center city philadelphia. they gave thanks for the people in their lives and spending the holiday with their loved ones. and armed with styrofoam boxes, they were serving close to 700 meals, they served up heaping helpings of stuffing and
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turkey and pie. and members boxed up meals for people that could not get there. the eagles have never lost a game on thanksgiving day and were hoping to keep the winning streak alive against the lions. guess what? they didn't. not even close. jaime apody joining us live this evening with the lack of highlights from a miserable game this afternoon. >> the bearer of bad news, more history being made every moment. all right after last week the last thing we saw was that the eagles would get basted on thanksgiving, but just like your turkey stick a fork in our birds they are done. sam bradford could not go and mark sanchez won't cut it. not that bradford is great but better than sanchez. the defense failed to show up for the second straight game and
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that grab made it 24-7 and this one 31-7 and you thought last week was bad this week worse, 45-14, the lions largest win on thanksgiving since 1997. and eagle as low 45 points in back to back games ever. this is the kind of game that will cost someone their job. we head to detroit where it's his job to talk to the team. >> reporter: hey jaime, absolutely embarrassing by the eagles, jason peters says they deserve to get booed. they lost three straight by 67 points by what were last place teams, stick a fork in the eagles, but the players say they will stick by embattled head coach chip kelly.
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>> once you start pointing fingers and blaming it on someone else, you lost what you got to do. >> making excuses and saying should of who of could have, is not good for us now. there is no point, get away from it for a couple of days, get home and see your family and then come back with the right attitude and i think coach made that message clear, he is right, if you want to come back and point fingers and complain then don't come back. >> reporter: and guess what? they have to come back to after the thanksgiving break how about tom brady and the perfect patriots on the road in new england and if these last two games were embarrassing and ugly, what will happen up at gillette stadium in ten days. we are live in detroit, jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> i don't want to think about that jeff thank you. do you? >> i think we should start
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deflating football. >> that is a great idea. jaime thank you. after days of preparation from the turkey to all the trimmings, many families are sitting down to the thanksgiving feasts, dann cuellar is live now with one such family, the hatfields, they have rolled out the red carpet for you dann. >> reporter: that is right brian, they sure have, this is a wonderful family, the home of dave and mary hatfield, we have a total of 28 people and one dog, 29 all together a bull dog named jake, you see the trimmings and turkey all set to go, a wonderful setting, mashed potatoes, and et cetera et cetera, cranberry and ham and yams. not just turkey but ham. >> and the family. and folks what it is all about
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being together during the holidays, mary hatfield you'll say grace. >> in the name of the father and son and holy spirit amen. heavenly father we thank you for this day, thank you for the gift of our family and friends and we thank you for our loved ones that died before us and have gone on to you, and we thank you for our food we are about to eat. and we ask that you just continue to bless this big crazy loving family with good health and happiness and much love and we ask all of this in jesus's name. amen. >> amen. all right guys eat up, i know you have been waiting go ahead. dig in. oh wow this looks real dwri delicious. >> dig in. >> i'm going to, thank you. happy thanksgiving everybody.
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>> happy thanksgiving! >> back to you brian. happy thanksgiving. >> and to you dann, a remarkable family. still to come on "action news" at 6:00 tonight, steaming plates of food coupled with new friends, we'll take you to one thanksgiving feast in german town, and melissa is in for cecily. we are tracking rain in the northern plains rain and sleet and snow on the backside and a piece of this energy works its way eastward for the second half of our holiday weekend. >> and jaime apody back with more on the eagles embarrassing loss against the lions, there is more? >> there is more. >> there is more. when "action news" comes right back tonight.
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if your thanksgiving dinner is done now it may be time for shopping. kmart opened at 6:00 a.m. and wal-mart was open around the clock. christie is live now in winfield heights, the town is chaotic? >> reporter: yes brian, we were inside of the target moments before the doors opened and you can see that the store is pretty much packed with people that are still coming in and you see a lot of shopping carts filled with 55 inch televisions, that has been the hottest item, the biggest door buster here at target. these shoppers are eager to trade in their turkey dinners for shopping carts, some people are lining up as early as
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tuesday night and all of them with the same goal scoring the best deal of the season, for many people here that are waiting in line, was the 55 inch weston television for $249. >> my son and my husband want a television. just so happened we heard about the television and saw they had it here 55 inch for $249 a lot cheaper and super sized. >> since tuesday at 12:00, we thought the line was going to be long, but it wasn't, nobody was out here. >> did you get time to spend time with your family. >> a few minutes. >> it will be rewarding. >> yes it is. >> now target says this is one of their busiest seasons of the holiday, this shopping time
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period, they are actually going be open from now until midnight tomorrow, you see people packing the stores trying to get the door busterser scoring the best deal for the holiday season and we'll see a lot of this throughout the season, and this is not the only store open, and we have target, there was best buy that opened up and other malls in the region opening tonight and trading the thanksgiving dinners for shopping carts. back to you. >> christie thank you. >> a reminder now everything shoppers need to know at including which stores are open, and when door buster deals begin, we have door buster offers that are available only to our viewers in our "action news" black friday play book. and in german town section dished up meal after meal,
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stuffing, turkey and potatoes were dished up to festive plates and those attending posed for pictures and looked to be having a great time.
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jaime apody along now, one thing chip kelly said was that all the players gave 100% a bit of a head scratcher there and there is still a chance and that is true. >> there say scenario that all team goes to the end of the season at 6-9, isn't this starting to feel like reed's last season, we'll find out the cowards. >> sam bradford's shoulder kept him out of this game, not sure it would have mattered the way the defense played. mash sanchez found brent celek to tie it in the second quarter,
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19 of 27 and the run game was abyssmal. and the d lost more than just the game when nolan carol was lost for the season in the second quarter, matthew stafford targeted his replacement and burnt by calvin johnson the rest of the game. 31-7 here in the third quarter and johnson both tied career-highs, the offensive line did not give him time at all. are you not watching the replay, it's the other side of the end zone, three straight scores for the duo and chairman is wondering what we are, what went so wrong? the second team in nfl history to allow five touchdown passes two weeks in a row, they are now 4-7. jeff one of the worst two game steps in eagles history. now what?
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>> reporter: jaime this is absolutely the worst two game stretch in eagles history, the first time they allowed 45 points and five touch downs in back to back games. eagles head coach, chip kelly says they will not fire head defensive coordinator, but they are hurting. >> didn't do anything well today, it's very disappointing. not what you wanted not the outcome that anybody is looking for. >> it's embarrassing to put that product out on the field and embarrassing to play like that. i am shocked. nobody expected this. >> are you embarrassed by the way this football team played the last two weeks? >> that is a good word but at the end of the day we are not doing what we are suppose to be doing on the field. it's hurtful and painful to play the way we played the last two weeks. >> it's hurtful, for me and for the organization and for the fans, we are not giving them
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nothing to cheer for. >> look say what you want about this football team but nobody in that locker room including the head coach, are saying guys quit out here but this is absolutely brutal and they have tom brady on the road next, good luck with the patriots. we are live in detroit, jeff skversky. >> that is hard to think about thank you. trouble could also be brewing for sixers center, jahlil okafor, tmz shows video of him getting into a fight on the streets of boston. high school football one of the old efgt rivalry in the area, millville hosting vineland. carrie foley snagged the touch down, 21-0 millville. we'll have the complete coverage as much a thanksgiving day tradition as turkey and pumpkin
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pie. ducis rogers hosts a special high school huddle after "action news" at 11:00. that is what i'm thankful for this thanksgiving, high school football so i don't have to think about the professional teams we have. >> your accuweather forecast coming up next.
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meteorologist, melissa magee joining us for the accuweather forecast heading in the other direction. >> we are in the 60s and as we get into the holiday weekend part it's a little bit back to normal. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar it's dry and no issues with precipitation. really calm conditions. well above average, something to
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be thankful for. with a high well above the average of 52, highlights warm for our turkey day and milder as we get into the day on friday, checking out the highs across the region, the coldest thanksgiving on record in the city, goes back to 1901 with a temperature of 27 degrees, today in philadelphia, we climbed up to 64 and the highest temperature on record was set back in 75, that was the high the warmest in 1974. calling for a high in the city of 68 degrees, near or tying records north and west of town, allentown high of 64 and reading 65 and 66 tomorrow in toms river. currently outside it's 56 in the city and 46 in the poconos and out to the west in lancaster, 51, along the coast in sea isle city 56, here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear
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skies, as we go through the overnight, patchy moisture moves into the area and we widen out the picture there is an area of low pressure in the plains, where you have the milder air, rain from chicago and as far south as it's lone star state and sleet and frozen precipitation and even some snow as you drain colder air from the south side. clear early and tracking that fog that will develop as we go through the overnight hours, 39 in allentown and 44 in philadelphia and 48 in cape may for the overnight low, here is the setup on our friday, 68 degrees, early clouds, we are tracking the cold front from the northern plains and as this front works its way eastward and a high of 68 degrees, the front as we get into saturday we dip to the south, a high of 60
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degrees, mostly cloudy with on and off showers, not a washout on an area of low pressure up the frontal boundary as we go throughout the day. clouds and sun tomorrow enjoy it a high of 68 and saturday mostly cloudy and 60 with temple at home with the link, on sunday mostly cloudy and rain for the city points to the south at 52 and a cooler day, sunday it's sunny and chilly and 49 and tuesday cloudy and late day rain in at 56 and 54 with gradual clearing and sunshine and clouds in at 50, not bad tomorrow and a bit a reality check over the weekend. world news with david muir is next on channel 6. for jim gardner and the entire "action news" team i'm brian taff we'll see you at 11:00.
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tonight, the massive storm on the move. 35 million people in its path. snow and ice falling as millions prepare to travel back. fierce winds downing trees and power lines. a huge stretch of the country bracing for trouble. crossing the line? donald trump's latest personal attack. going after a reporter appearing to mock his disability. tonight, why it's trump demanding the apology. a clear picture. the stunning new video of that good samaritan medical student. a new view of what really happened when he stepped in to help. shopping frenzy. the first black friday shoppers are already hitting the mall. the best deals and the best apps to help you with your holiday gift list. and, movie mystery. walt disney's long lost film, locked in the vault for nearly 90 years.


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